Biggest Climate Justice Convergence in History:

¡¡La Tierra es La Vida!!
Land is Life!!
With hundreds of thousands of people converging on New York City for the largest Climate Justice gathering in history, AMI Coordinator for Education and Advocacy, Stephen Bartlett (yours truly) will be on hand with an indigenous (Mapuche) partner Jaime Mariqueo (from what is today called Chile). We will be participating in a Right to Water workshop at the UN Church Center on Friday, Sept 19, leading a socio drama as part of that workshop, collaborating with AMI friend Kathleen Stone. We will be speaking at panels on the role of farmers and people of the land in mitigating the climate crisis, and taking part in the Peoples Summit. We will be marching with members of the US Food Sovereignty Alliance in partnership with the Climate Justice Alliance contingent, in the front portion of the march. This will be an amazing flowering of consciousness about the climate crisis and educating people about the false solutions (so-called “Climate Smart” Agriculture, and other schemes such as carbon trading, designed for profit taking and not real reductions in greenhouse gases. With the U.N. talks sewn up and distorted by weak and strong governments alike, highly lobbied by corporations, and civil society having only a symbolic presence, it will be the movement building and show of strength in the street that will be significant here in New York! Our signs will include: Our Power is Food Sovereignty! Small Farmers Cool the Planet! Respect Mother Earth and She Will Feed Us! (Consider the lilies of the fields…) Keep tuned to posts through the week! Land is Life: La Tierra es La Vida!

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